Monday, March 9, 2009

...Who gets a little crazy sometimes

Sundays are supposed to be days of relaxation, meditation, and reflection. But among college students, it's anything but. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

With the time change, I lost an hour, and had to wake up earlier than I normally do for ward council. Follow that with a 3 hour block of church and anyone would be a bit exhausted. However, instead of resting my co-chair and I had a committee meeting. This is where the day got a little crazy. Our entire meeting was focused on getting more people to come to ward prayer (a little gathering every Sunday night). After lots of 'discussion' we ended up with our idea... The Ward Prayer 'bat' signal. If that idea doesn't get approved, we'll do the Ward Prayer Flag.

Mom's birthday was yesterday, so I invited her over for dinner. She and Dad came over. After the meeting, I spent the entire time making dinner. And it turned out really good! I hope Mom had a great birthday!

at 6 we had another Ward council meeting. It was training for everyone, cause apparently we needed it. It turned out to be good. Because of the people we have as committee co-chairs it ended up being two hours of spirituality presented by the bishopric followed by hilarity from my fellow committee chairs. Surprisingly though, our bat signal was approved! Woohoo! So no we have to find a way to make it work. After the meeting we had 1/2 an hour to find a really bright flashlight (we found a HUGE one) that a friend had and try to make the WP signal. It didn't quite work, but we ended up finding a use for it last night (Jared [my cochair] and I had a lot of fun with it).

But somehow in the 30 minutes between the meeting and Ward prayer i found time to be involved in a 5 person cuddle fest on my couch...interesting. It involved many jokes involving chins, hairy legs, people getting married and earlobes. Ya...those are my friends!

After ward prayer we had 'warm fuzzies'. Those are nice notes people write to each other and they get delivered. It's pretty awesome. And we also had post WP treats. Then, there's about 10-12 of us who get together and play card games afterwards. We played Scum last night. I kept getting dealt the had from _____. everyone left eventually and it was Johnny, Jason, and I being the last to leave. On the way walking home, the boys had the brilliant idea to have a three person piggyback ride...ya. I ended up being in the middle (cause I'm actually knew not to move) and then johnny (the base) walked a good 20 feet over asphalt...the entire time I was afraid he was going to fall over and i was going to end up with a huge bump on my head or something. But no one got hurt. And I believe that the only words that could describe it were, as Johnny says, 'Hot Sizzle!'

Things are fun here in the Colony...and they get pretty crazy. We have a lot of laughs. I'll probably be sharing more of them in the the time two of us almost kissed Marcus on the cheek and he freaked out. Or about our roommate late night dance parties while we had broken blinds...

but until then,


  1. Thank you for a lovely dinner of LASAGNA - something I don't get to eat lots of!!!! You are the best golden child a mom can have!

    I love you!

  2. oh, I remember those crazy days but they were SO FUN. and there's nothing better than getting an inside joke out of it.
    LOVE YA!