Thursday, October 23, 2008

who colors their hair 5 times in a 4 day period

I gave in to the pressure. Darn you sisters! Oh well, my hair has turned out to look really good. Right now it has a little red in it, cause i just had the final color done today. It was an awfully long process. It started with pigmentation. Then the girl doing my hair put the color in, but it didn't work so well. You know how a blond's hair will turn green when they go swimming too much...ya, well, my hair looked a darker blond with a green undertone in it! AHH!! I freaked out! The girl said I could come back later and they'd redo it. I said okay, but after a while of blow-drying, I turned to her. I said that I hated the color, I had work that night and I was singing in church the next day. I told it needed to be fixed then. So she put a different color in it with a TON of red in it to counteract the green. My roots ended up being bright red at the roots (eventually it washed out). Over the next few days the red moved out and the brown moved in...but it wasn't the brown i wanted it to be, so I went in today and had them fix it. I LOVE the color now!

BlondeThe first brownThe final color!

My roommates saw me today and kinda freaked out again. They're all "Kimmy! You changes your color again!" Ha, it was funny. My English class noticed the color change too. We'll see what everyone else thinks.

Other than that, nothing too exciting is going on. I'm thinking about just declaring my major undecided and finish my AA. I'm trying to figure out what to do with life. I'm taking a cake decorating class in December. I want to learn about floral design. I'm looking at History Teaching as a major. But in the end, when I'm old I want to open a Bed and Breakfast so maybe a minor in business.

I got my Saturday night shift covered at work so I can go to Aunt Rebbecca's pumpkin carving thing. I asked a guy in my ward to go with me when I was walking home yesterday. Mom and Dad have met him. He and his cousin came over to watch general conference. His name is Garret. He's really fun. He has this laugh that I used to find incredibly annoying, but now i find thoroughly entertaining. We still have to come up with an awesome pumpkin design to throw down the Paul Packard reign in winning the contest every if you have any cool designs for pumpkins, let me know today! We need some Von Packard representation going on. (Garret wants to figure out how to turn a pumpkin inside-out haha!)

well, I should be paying attention in English, but I'm writing this, so I'll sign out. I love you all! I'm excited to see you all at Thanksgiving!