Monday, November 17, 2008

Who tries something new

I should be in bed...ha!

I got back from Mom's. She was kind enough to do my laundry today because all my clothes were dirty and I had lots of stuff in my ward to do. (Thanks Mom! You really are the best!). I talked to her about school. We decided that I should just take the classes I want to take this next semester. So, I just finished redoing my schedule and I'm kinda excited now. I'm taking spanish 101 and 102 (accelerated courses so I can brush up on my spanish skillz), social dance, tap dance (i may be dropping it depending on where I get a new job), Astronomy, D&C, and a class that is supposed to help you learn and study effectivly (Just what I need right now!). It's 16 credits, but the spanish are both 4 credits each and block classes, so I'm really only taking 12 credits at any one time. I'll also be trying to get into a latin dance class and a standard ballroom class (all I really want to do right now is dance!).

This weekend I preformed in Dancesport. I'm in 281 - country swing intermediate. My partner and I competed in the Polka...We placed 2nd! (i have a trophy to prove it). It was a lot of fun. My partner was in several other competitions that night, so the costume change was a fun thing to help him with...haha! It was costantly pinning and unpinning the competition number from one shirt to the other and helping him change shoes and such. It made me laugh. As soon as I get some pictures I'll try to post them.

I also went on a blind date that same night (Friday). Adrienne set me up with him...I think he's her good friends nephew??? Anywho, he called me up earlier this week and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner. Naturally I said yes. Friday came and he picked me up after I got home from dancesport 15 min earlier. We went to CPK (california club all the way!) and then he took me mini-golfing (he wooped me but i did get a hole in one on the last hole which meant that I now have a free game of mini golf). Then he took me home. It was a lot of fun! He was a cute nice guy. A perfect gentleman. He actually opened the doors for me (you'd be surprised how many guys i know that don't do that). Adrienne was surprised that he took me mini-golfing and that he paid for everything. I guess it's shocking, but at the same time, I see that as how it should go. Anywho, the point is, I had a great time. I don't know if he'll call again. If he doens't I won't be heartbroken (I only spent a couple hours with the guy) but if he did, i definitly wouldn't say no. I wouldn't say I'd date him (again, I've only know him a few hours), but I could definitly see us being good friends.

when I got home, I waited for everyone else to get home.and then all of us roommates moved the furniture into the kitchen and brought our matresses into the living room. that night was girls night. we ate lots of sugar, made lots of noise, and slept in really awkward positions (i'm still hurting). It was fun though...

Saturday: we all woke up early for a service project. We were raking leaves in a near-by park. When we got back all of us crashed onto the matresses . I didn't wake up till 1 in the afternoon. I was SOO tired. then I got ready for work. I got there and started taking tables. My roommates along with 3 of my FHE brothers came in to visit and I got to serve them along with Emily and her boyfriend, Ryan. It was great! I was so excited that they came to visit me. A lot of people say they will, but they never actually do. This was the first time people have followed through! I also brought in 90 bucks! Woohoo! I earned it though. While friends are nice to have come in, they don't tip well (but i actually didn't want them tipping at all..I know how much they earn), so I worked really hard to make all my other tables happy. I took a ton of tables that were about 8-12 people. I was stoaked when I looked at the receipt for the last table I had...It was a 20% tip equalling about 30 dollars. I was so grateful. I don't think many people know how grateful servers are for a tip. I've been stiffed several times by old ladies who are too cheap, but even a dollar bill on the table is a reason to be happy (especially when you're trying to pay rent, gas, and buy food). Last night was just a good night (normally I pull in about 70 ish).

today was a little crazy. I woke up late, but luckily i showered last night so i didn't take me as long to get ready. My roommate and I were a few min. late to ward council. I then went to mom's sustaining in her ward after mine was done. I'm so proud of her for accepting this new calling. I knew she was a little dissapointed when she found out the first call was wrong, but I have confidence in her that she will be a success. I came home and went to my FHE brothers' apartment where they were making tacos for my apartment. Then there was laundry, and coming back to my apartment to make dinner for my roommates (Spaghetti!) We invited a couple guys to come eat with us. We had a great time. It ended with my roommate Katie P. and I wondering if you could suck up jello with a straw.... if you ever want to get some really funny noises, try it please! We were all laughing so hard. I was crossing my legs like mom does when she's laughing so hard she has to go to the bathroom and my eyes were watering. I was trying to not close them too much for fear that my contacts would pop out! (By the end of next semester my roommmates and I will all have 6-packs from laughing so much!). then there was Ward Prayer and Warm Fuzzies (nice notes). Afterwards, a bunch of us came to my apartment and watched American in Paris (with Gene Kelly). Then i went to mom's to pick up my laundry and here I am...I've come full circle.

I hope that ya'll are satisfied with my posts. I'm trying to let you know what's happening but I'm not one who likes talking on the phone for long periods of time (i can only do that with certain people), so thanks for putting up with me!

I love you all and I hope you're all safe and happy and well.

I visit taught today to...the message that we shared was the following:

"In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things"

I've been leaning on this quotation a lot lately. I hope that you can gain some insight from it too.


Onto Saturday:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

who recognizes a defeat

School has officially kicked my butt this semester. I'm only taking 12 credits and I know I'm going to do very poorly. My worst class/not worst class is English 150...I have a love-hate relationship with it. My teacher is really cool. She respects us and give really good feedback. The problem is she's WAY too into English meaning that she expects us to be as well. Being an artistic/math-y person, I don't do well with conforming to this expectation. So far I've done with the class though. I've gotten an A and a B+ on my other papers. Right now we're working on the "Issues Paper" and I've officially been destroyed by it. One part of the paper is an Annotated Bibliography...I've been working on it and it is due at 5 today. It's supposed to have 20-25 sources...I have 7. It is 4:30. I am admitting defeat. I've been working on it as much as I could, but this last week, in an effort to bring in more income to my depleting stores I ended up working a lot more than I normally do. i.e. Friday: worked from 4pm-midnight, Sat: 10:30 am - midnight...ya..not so much time to actually study/get work done, along with the fact that I couldn't see for half the week too due to my eyes being retarted! Granted, there's always more that I could have done...but then i think, "mom is in the same class and they're only required to have 8 sources" I think there's something VERY wrong with that. (If you couldn't tell, I'm frustrated right now). I'm very against the whole mandatory general classes that everyone has to's a waste of time and money....personally, there should be a group of topics for general learning and you have to pic 3 or 4 to complete, not a bunch of different ones. Oh well...i guess I'll just have to deal and move on.

Here's a video from the powderpuff game...I'm trying to put together a movie, but it's hard to find the time. oh well. I love you all! I'm off to study!

Monday, November 3, 2008

who loves getting dressed up when she doesn't have to

Halloween was CRAZY fun this year! Goodness! We had so many things going on! Our ward had a Halloween party on the 24th. I was Andy from Step Up 2. We had an awesome dance party start up there and everyone was impressed by my 'skilled' hip-hop moves...I personally think it's just cause we're in Utah where no one knows how to dance, which made my dancing look more amazing than it really is. My roommates and I all got dressed up.
Stephanie was a hippie, Brittany was a flapper, Kayla was a Smore, and Katie W. was static Cling. Katie P wasn't there for the pictures, but she was a little kid dressing herself for the first time. It was fun!

Pumpkin Carving was the next night. I took this guy names Garret from my ward. He's the coolest guy EVER! He has this laugh that he can't control that is hilarious! He ended up knowing Emily's date, so it was really fun for him. I'm hoping that he'll ask me out sometime (he's kinda my not-so-secret crush). We decided for our pumpkin to make a magic 8 ball, complete with a dice inside of the pumpkin, so it actually worked as an 8 ball. We were in a triple tie for last, but placed 4th in originality! Woohoo!

When it comes to Halloween week, that was some insane party-ing! Wednesday night I went country dancing as usual but this week they had it in a warehouse. Thursday, one apartment had a was a black light party. All the walls were covered in black trash bags with black light paint over everything. It was sweet. Friday night, there were several parties. One apartment was having a party that I went and helped set up. I then had a work party that I went to for about 45 min before I had to get back to my own apartment where we were having our own party. I was DJing and and "bar-tending" the party. I made some awesome drinks..pina colodas and strawberry daquries and shirley temples. We had the guys who did the black light party on thursday bring over their black lights and speakers...we were all dancing till 1:30 in the morning. We had neighbors from the street behind us come over and a ton of friends!

So, that was Halloween. Saturday we had our powder puff football game. It was so fun! I didn't play, but I took a ton of pictures! I have over 800 pics/videos from everyone. I'm going to be making a video of everything to give to the ward. I'll probably put some of those pictures up later. They're funny though... we had a bunch of the guys in our ward be cheerleaders. They got all dressed up and had some funny cheers/acrobatics. We even had a mascot...his name was Ruff (our Bishop's name is Ruffner, so we were the Red Ruffinators)
Anywho...that's what's been going on. Life is beautiful! I can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving! I'm thinking about having all the nephews over to have a sleep over one night. My roommate Stephanie will be here so we can all watch a movie and make some cookies. I live on a private street so the boys can bring their scooters and skateboards and we can all play outside. I'm excited!!! Love you all!