Friday, July 18, 2008

...Who stays up creating a Blog

So, Mom emailed me a list of all my brother and sister's blog spots. I've realized that my family really doens't have a clue as to what's going on in my life, so I figured that I'd create a blog (eww...I'm a 'blogger' now) so that they could know what's going on in my life. We'll see how my efforts pan out.

I guess that for a first post I should probably say something that's going on in my life so that you (whoever is bored enough to read this) knows what's going on.

Basically, it's really late at night and I'm listening to one of my favorite songs over and over again while I write. My feet hurt 'cause I've been on them all day. I got off a 12 hour work day with $100 bucks in my pocket...not too shabby. Granted, a lot of that will go towards getting my car at least partially fixed tomorrow. Maybe some will go to a victory drink from starbucks depending how I do in my job interview tomorrow. And then another chunk will go towards doing the laundry, which will be happy 'cause my clothes are dang dirty!

Now, I know that as the only unmarried child in my family, ya'll might be wanting to know about the love life situation...truth be told, there's not much there. But that's okay. Tuesday I recieved flowers from one of the guys I work with, and that night I ended up going on an unofficial/official second date with a different guy. Other than that, nothing too exciting is happening. Sorry to disappoint. I've decided that I'd rather work on making myself a better person that a better dater.

The only other things on my mind right now are the following:
1. It's really hot in my room
2. I need to buy batteries for my camera (or just buy a really awesome camera!)
3. I should proabably take my contacts out before I go to bed
4. I really do have a constant radio station playing in me head
5. Blogging may be easier than journal writing, but it doesn't really allow for the really intimate details that journaling does (sorry...there are just some things that are too personal)
6. Nathan Angelo has an AMAZING voice
7. I get to go home in a few weeks and see Mom and Dad! WOOHOO!
8. I should go to bed

and with that, g'night!

keep reading to find out what type of gal I am...I may actually turn out to be the kind that will blog! (you never really know).