Monday, September 15, 2008

...who always wins

I kind of feel on top of the world. Nothing extraordinary has happened, I just feel like I'm at a good place in life. School has started, I'm working, and I'm meeting new people and trying to have a good time.

School has been quite the exciting thing right now. I've just dropped to 12 credit hours because I'm already overwhelmed. I'm actually studying for classes ( concept I know!) and I've realized I must have ADD because my attention span is almost ZERO! But I'm trying none-the-less. I"m learning a lot though. I absolutely love my computer science class. There are already people behind in it, but I'm just going along and loving every second. I realized the other say how much of a nerd I am though...I decided to sit down and read a bit to relax...and I grabbed my CS book. I actually chose to read my CS book to about nerd! But I've accepted it.

For the most part, the people in the major are nice...weird, but nice. Being one of the few girls, I've already been attacked a few of the 'weird' ones. For my class we had to take a computer orientation. I went into the computer lab to sign up and this guy just stood there staring at me for a few minutes. As I turned to leave, he started talking to me. He said that he swore he knew me and that we had met before. The guy didn't look familiar at all, and when I proceeded to ask him how long he had been at BYU, I found out that it was his first semester since 2005. Finally he left and as I was about to leave I heard someone whispering my name. "kimmy....kimmy" I looked around and saw this guy sitting at a computer next to where I was standing. The first thought through my head was "I don't know this kid. How does he know my name!" The kid then said to me with a cocky little smile, "Can I be the next guy to meet you?" I was fully sickened. His name was...Bear. ya. weird....I finally said that I had to go after he was trying to talk to me about the dumbest things.

By this time I thought the attacking was over...but no. As I got onto my computer about a 1/2 hour later, I had a facebook email from the first guy saying how he couldn't get me out of his head. I smartly decided not to respond.

So, it's been interesting. Other than CS, I'm in a family history class that I LOVE! I also was able to add Dance 281, which is a country swing class, the intermediate level. I already have a partner for dancesport. His name is Josh...he's about 5'4", but barely taller than be cause he wears his Latin shoes...He's on the ballroom dance team for latin. He decided that he's going to teach me on fridays after our dance class...I'm SOOO excited!

The ward I"m in is great. They jsut switched the boundaries so it's a little different, but I still love it. My bishop is 6'10" and used to play for the NBA. my FHE group is super fun! I've been meeting a lot of the people in the ward and they're all super nice. And, unlike my ward over spring/summer, there are actually normal guys in the, normal, as in not weird!!! HOoray!

Anywho, that's what's going on right now...
I have a new neice! (2 actually!)
My best friend is engaged!!
AND I'm feeling that I'm winning at life...we'll see how long this feeling lasts. Hopefully it doesn't go away.

until next time...
take faith.