Saturday, March 7, 2009

...who doesn't say please

Here are the people in my life right now.

Stephanie: She's my immediate roommate. She speaks 'bird' and her favorite word is voluptuous. She thinks it means no one can resist you but I think she's wrong. But she's actually really smart. She' the comic relief of the apartment.

Kayla: Kayla is another roommate. She's got the craziest hip action I've ever seen when it comes to the hula. Her favorite word is Aloha! (go figure! hehee).

Brittany: She's the 'mom' of the apartment. She has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever! And no matter how many times I try, I've never been able to make them the right way! She doesn't really have a favorite word, but her least favorite subject is math...specifically calculus. But she says the word 'seriously' a lot.

Kate: Kate is the photographer of the apartment. Her favorite word is 'Tiquismiqui' which is Spanish for picky (she lived in Spain for a while and is thus fluent). She's also successful (aka engaged). She's got the best grinch walk I've ever seen.

Katie: Lovingly known as kpax. She's the health nut in the apartment...she's also the nut. She's into everything under the sun. She's a river rat during the summer and a dance diva during the school year. She's not home so I don't know what her favorite word is, but I'm sure its something modern dance term.

Then there's Marcus: Marcus is our official 7th roommate. We called him marquita. or Marcus farckus. He's over everyday for several hours at least. You'd think that he liked one of us, but he actually just loves all of us equally so much that he's here all the time! His favorite word is 'Indubitably '. He's a smart guy. And has a lot of dry humor. Our quote wall is filled with quotes by him... one of my personal favorites is 'Kimmy, are you longing for me?." I don't use words with him. He knows what I'm thinking just by looking at my's awesome.

Bryan has also become very integrated in our apartment: He's Marcus' roommate. I've taught him how to make milkshakes, chocolate covered strawberries, pina coladas, and country dancing, and lasagna from costco. His favorite word is 'quaint'. He's kinda a quieter guy, but he actually does talk once you get him started. He plays a ton of different instruments: Violin, mandolin, crazy!

That's pretty much those that are in my life on a daily basis. I have pretty cool friends. I like them a lot.

The end